Re: Fwd: Email notice for customers

Important Announcement

Dear Customers,

John Vedral, owner of Mainely Web, passed away earlier this year.  Therefore, Mainely Web has decided to close its doors after 24 years of faithfully serving our customers and our community. Please understand this has not been an easy decision and we understand you may have some questions moving forward.

What do I need to do?

In order to help answer your questions and help you evaluate options for the future, we are partnering with StrataNorth. StrataNorth is an IT advisory company that can help you evaluate your options for transitioning your website or email to a new provider. There is no charge for evaluating your options with StrataNorth.

Please click on the link below to contact StrataNorth to help evaluate your options.!/contact

If you have purchased a Domain or Secure Certificate through Mainely Web you can contact us at for further assistance.

When is the deadline?

Please understand Mainely Web and StrataNorth want to ensure your services experience no interruptions. However, we also would like to make sure we can achieve our timelines for moving on from Mainely Web. With that in mind, we would appreciate your response by December 15, 2021. Please know that there will be additional notices sent in the coming months.

Failure to respond by the deadline may result in an unexpected interruption of services or additional charges.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding!